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Published on December 15, 2013 By willmtyler In Life Journals

This is my first blog for this site. I am a newly graduated MBA student starting my career in China. I am currently working for Kerlin, a Chinese managed German built green energy firm for the next few months at least until I find a job in logistics and supply chain management, a field I am more interested in.


I am in the marketing department at Kerlin. My primary responsibility here is to focus on improving their website and finding other consulting firms in the west to work with us in order to improve their services.


Starting out is tough my background is BA in Asian Studies-Chinese and an MBA in International Business. Even with this background, employers want more technical background. Even with the more technical background, it is about who you know. Networking is the key to any good position regardless of your background or what your resume looks like. I am starting this blog as a way for young people to learn about different strategies to find better possibilities to start their career in the right direction.

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