This blog is for those newly graduated adults looking for jobs overseas.
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December 23, 2013 by willmtyler
After graduating I went to North Dakota then Houston to look for work. I didn't find anything so I am trying my luck in China. It is going well here. Just coping with the smog which means waking up feeling groggy/ with a sore throat. The situation is not getting better in the states-jobs available are for waiter and other jobs, a complete waste of time. 

December 19, 2013 by willmtyler
After nearly 2 years in China, I went back to America to get my MBA in International Business at the University of Toledo. I decided that I would be a lot more marketable for employment with China on my resume and a MBA. Besides, I was young and had the time and the money to go back to school now. Why wait when I am older and have more responsibility to go to school? 


I enjoyed my international business courses and learned a lot about money management. Not just for a business b...
December 17, 2013 by willmtyler
Between my grad and undergrad year I went to Shanghai. My first time living in China. I realized living there and traveling there is completely different. My other first impression was that I was not the only one studying Chinese and interested in business. I know it sounds sheltered, I was sort of different for having such a major in college. But in truth is Europeans, Australians and Kiwis are all studying Chinese and are damn good at it. 


In 2010, I realized that the days of...
December 16, 2013 by willmtyler
I began to learn Chinese from my early life. My baby sitters in were of Chinese decent. They did not know English so they spoke to me in Chinese. Just like how many children with Hispanic care takers learn Spanish. I learned and practiced Chinese with them my whole childhood even though I didn't want to. It was not until later on I did not see the possibilities available to me in both government and the private sector with this language ability. Though my accent will always be a foreign...
December 15, 2013 by willmtyler
This is my first blog for this site. I am a newly graduated MBA student starting my career in China. I am currently working for Kerlin, a Chinese managed German built green energy firm for the next few months at least until I find a job in logistics and supply chain management, a field I am more interested in.


I am in the marketing department at Kerlin. My primary responsibility here is to focus on improving their website and finding other consulting firms in the west to work with u...